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Our Story

Our story began in 1973, when Amos Izakov founded Izakov Diamond Corporation (a.k.a I.D.C) in Dallas, TX, after traveling all across the United States and expanding his clientele. Izakov quickly became one of the largest and most reputable diamond importer and wholesaler globally. Our core values of building personal long-lasting relationships based on transparency, superior product and service, led to our huge growth.

By the 1990’s, IDC branched out and had offices across the US and overseas (Izakov Diamonds Israel). We supplied diamonds to big box chains such as Zales, with our own branded ideal cut diamond collection, Aglaia Diamonds.

Izakov Diamond Corp. also collaborated with well-known jewelry designers, featuring their diamonds in an award winning piece of jewelry in the 1991 De Beers’ design contest. In 1992, our solid star shaped diamonds were featured on the championship rings of the Dallas Cowboys. In 2008, Izakov Diamond Corp. opened its doors to the retail operations as Motek Diamonds, allowing consumers to purchase fine jewelry in addition to loose diamonds.During the last decade, Izakov has been creating diamond jewelry ranging from engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, eternity bands, tennis bracelets, diamond necklaces, and really anything one could think of.

In 2014, Roy, Amos’ son, joined IDC with a vision of continuing the 45 year legacy of his father while implementing new processes and technology to drive Izakov to the new era. A year later, his wife, Ofir, joined the company as the head of designing and marketing. In 2018, Izakov relocated to Miami, Florida with a vision of offering even higher quality fine diamond jewelry at highly competitive prices. Today, the 2nd generation family-owned and operated business offers their products mainly online, but are also offering clients in Miami a private jeweler service experience by appointments only.